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Symbol Maze - What's Your Score? - Printable


Complete the maze and add up your score as you pass through each symbol. Choose the path that gives you the most points...but watch out for the danger symbols! Compare your total score with your friends when you have finished. Each symbol has points allocated to it, which is added up along a sidebar to the right of the puzzle, with the total score at the bottom. Some of the symbols are 'dangerous', and if you must pass through any of them, you have to subtract 5 points from your total score. When you have decided on the perfect pathway and tallied up your score, there is a handy rating box at the end which lets you know if your score was ok, good, great, or amazing.

This is a fairly challenging puzzle which I designed for those who love mazes but are a bit bored with the traditional style. The good thing about this maze is that there is no correct way to do it, you can choose any route you want, the aim being to get as many points as you can. It is a good idea to ask students to do the puzzle lightly first in pencil so they can erase it if they find a better pathway the second or third time they do it. Great for practicing addition and subtraction skills while having fun at the same time.

As students to complete this by themselves, or in pairs or small groups if you think they will need more than one brain to complete it!