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I Found the Perfect Rubber Stamp Storage Idea!    Sunday, July 8, 2018

Above is one of the artworks I created using a hand carved stamp as a starting point!  I used a few steps to make it:

  1. The woven container is a stamp that I carved as part of a series of interesting orb shapes.  I printed it in black stamp pad ink on to white paper. 
  2. The tree is painted with black ink using a small thin paintbrush. Here is a video of a similar one I painted and shared on Instagram.
  3. The colours on the container, leaves, flowers, and table surface are all drawn with cheap felt pens. 
  4. The colours in the background are added digitally with a drawing tablet in Photoshop!

I have accumulated quite a collection of hand carved stamps (some are which are available for order in my shop, and some of my personal designs which I like to use to make my artwork look unique).  When I am looking for just the right one to use in my art journal or craft project, it has become like looking for a needle in a haystack!

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