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Art Journal Time - How I Use Hand Carved Stamps in my Art Journal - Part One - 'Thoughtful Girl'. By Miraculous Mosquito.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

It's Art Journal Time! Have you shown your Art Journal some love today? I want to show you how I used one of my hand carved stamps to create an interesting page in my art journal, with this collection of 'thoughtful girls'.  Here is a closeup of one of the girls I created.  Scroll down a little further and you will see the whole page.

Here is the whole spread of my art journal.  Can I guess where I used the hand carved stamp?  Well the obvious answer is the portrait of the girl, and also the vase on the left page.  However if you look carefully, the little flowers are also hand carved stamps!

Here is a closeup of the repeated portraits page so you can see in better detail.  I stamped the image in black ink on to a piece of white sketchbook paper.  I chose a good quality paper so that I could add a variety of media to the portraits. I cut out the section I wanted, and glued it to the page. I used watercolour, coloured pencil, and a white gel pen to add highlights.  I used a variety of very small hand carved flower stamps that I had made earlier, to create the flowers using black stamp pad ink.  I also experimented with white acrylic paint to add the white flowers you can see on the dark blue area around the portraits.  I had a lot of fun with this, trying to make each portrait look a little different. Sometimes I added a bit more to the girl's shirt, or an extra flower here and there. Can you see how I changed the hair each time, even lengthening it at one stage, or making it look curly? Hand carved stamps are so much fun.  You can leave them looking natural, so that you achieve the printed look, or you can do as I did here, and embellish to your heart's content.

So here is the star of the show, the original hand carved stamp I used.  You could have a go at carving a stamp of your own, or if you really like this one, you can purchase it from my shop. I also have a few more designs with people in them that you might enjoy experimenting with.

I have taken some closeup shots of each portait so you can really see the detail.  Keep scrolling to see them all!

Actually I forgot to mention...can you see the curly decorations in the background of this one? They are also hand carved stamps! Did you guess?

I went a bit floral with this one! Can you see I added a head band?

I love the shade of purple on her hair.

Some turned out really lovely and soft, almost like an old photo.

It was fun to change the hairstyles, as you can see in this one I lengthened the hair easily with black watercolour paint and a thin brush.

Adding yellow to the hair created the illusion of sun shining from somewhere.

Sometimes I created some texture by adding strands of hair with a thin marker.  I think I might have also used some white paint or ink.

...and again, the finished art journal spread.  I hope you enjoyed learning about how I use hand carved stamps in my journal.  You really should give them a try if you haven't already.  Have you tried carving your own, or do you prefer to collect hand carved stamps from different artists?  There are heaps of styles and images to choose from.  You are welcome to check out all the different designs I have in my shop.  If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear what you think in the comments below. 

Happy stamping!


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