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Art Journal With Me! - Autumn is coming in Korea.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Time for a little art Journaling!  Today I was feeling a little autumn inspired as the days are getting cooler. 

Summer was crazy hot here in Korea and it seemed to last forever.  All of a sudden we are wearing jackets and layers and a cold breeze has come along.  Seasons are like that here in Korea.  There is summer and winter, and a small space for spring and autumn in between.  But I like the dramatic feel of the seasons, and the way that Korean people have learnt to be wise and prepare carefully for each season, preparing kimchi and other preserved items for the lean winter months, for example.  Go for a walk in any traditional market here and you will find hundreds of dried and preserved foods in all sorts of flavours (often very spicy!). Ward off illness with every sort of dried medicinal herb or plant you can imagine, boil it and turn it into a tea, or cook it in a soup.  I need to learn more about these things...they have been used for hundreds of years before 'modern' medicine came along, and Korean people are still known for being extremely healthy, so they must be doing something right!

Anyway, back to art Journaling.  The leaves you see on this journal page spread have been repeated many times in my work.  I often draw them when I need to de-stress, or loosen up after I haven't made any art for a while.  There is something about the shape of natural things that help you relax when you are drawing them. I can always find a different way to present these leaves, by changing the color, shape, thickness of line, overlapping them, etc.  Sometimes I even like to cut them out and arrange them in different ways on another page.  It's good to know you can continue developing one shape or idea you love in many ways until you want to move on to something new.  I guess going back to recurring themes could help develop a person's style, so there is nothing wrong with repeating things when the mood takes you.

Are you interested in organic, natural shapes, or do you prefer geometric?  Perhaps you change depending on how you feel that day?  Which season inspires you the most to create artwork and why?  
Whatever your answer, make sure you take time to observe the tiny details around you, and appreciate the beautiful shapes, lines and colours around you.  Look up at the sky and watch the clouds or the birds for as long as you can.  You never know what amazing ideas will grow from these simple pleasures.

Happy Creating,



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